What is Ethical Hacking?

What is Ethical HackingKnock, Knock, Neo.

A hacker is a person who discovers weaknesses in a system and manages to exploit it. The process where someone performs an unauthorized intrusion into a computer or network is known as hacking.


Hacking is an art. It’s a science. It’s a business. It’s the precise mastery and manipulation of systems to gain control that was never intended to be yours.


However, there’s significantly more to hacking than meets the eye, or what’s portrayed in popular media. That’s what this website is for – to unearth and uncover the inner workings of hacking in a practical manner. Discover what hacking is, what it can be used for, and how you can do it too.


Armed with passion, persistence and a keen thirst for knowledge, basically anybody can become a hacker. Be willing to learn new techniques, put them into action, and embark on this journey to learn how to get started through these series of tutorials.


You might surprise yourself at how easy it can be.


Hacking as a frontline defense

Your data is everywhere. Snippets of data about you, your life, your personal details and what you’ve done online is sprawled across servers throughout the world. With the surge of online activity, increasingly so in recent years, the internet now possesses enormous amounts of personal, private data.


If it’s not properly protected, it can end up in anyone’s hands.


Companies and corporations fight to protect themselves against malicious agents, and we as individuals are not immune to attacks either. One day we may even need to defend ourselves and our personal data against those who are supposed to protect us – our governments.


An understanding of computer and network security is essential before you can expect to safeguard yourself. Hacking can help you with this. The dual nature of hacking


In general, the only side of hacking that the general public hears about is the malicious one. From identity thefts, publicly released passwords, ransomware, viruses, stolen accounts and more…the list goes on. In the news we hear about the millions of accounts being leaked online, attacks on major websites and virtual attacks against individuals. Even the term “hacking” itself is coupled with negative vibes.


However, there’s another side to hacking that you hardly hear about.

For every major hack that hits the media headlines, there are hundreds or thousands more that have been actively prevented by security specialists across the globe. These specialists are also known as the whitehat hackers (otherwise known as ethical hackers). They actually possess the same skill set as blackhat (malicious) hackers, but the key difference is that they use these skills to do good.


In many cases, it’s basically a race against time. It’s almost impossible to make software totally foolproof and secure, so the battle to find cyber security holes lies with cutting edge technology where the stakes can be enormous. In fact, the global cost of cyber crime is projected to reach $2 trillion by 2019.


Whitehats vs. blackhats.

Good vs. evil.

Which side are you on? Follow the white rabbit

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